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Organization: Data Xgen Technologies Pvt. Limited
Affiliation: ccNSO, GNSO, Other/Special Interest Group
Region: Asia
Country: India
Email: अजय@डाटा.भारत

LinkIcon.png   Ajay Data Website

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Ajaydata
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @ajaydata

Dr. Ajay Data is most sought after entrepreneur as Investor, Mentor and Innovator. He was recently termed as "Father of Internet" for the Rajasthan State (India) to bring Internet way back in 1999. Dr. Ajay Data born on 22 March 1973, commonly referred to as Ajay, is an Indian IT industrialist and the co-founder of Data Infosys Limited, a company registered with Registrar of Companies headquartered at Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has innovated and provided DATAMAIL app to the world for FREE linguistic email address in 15 languages. His company XgenPlus was announced as partner by Microsoft for supporting Indian languages support in Office 365 and other software.

Ajay was Coordinator for EAI in ICANN-UASG and Elected Chairman for Universal Acceptance Steering Group. . Ajay is Co-Chair for Neo Brahmi Generation Pane[1]l where he is working for 9 scripts LGR out that 8 have been delegated in root zone. Ajay is also member of Application of RZ-LGR Study Group. He is also member of ISPCP Constituency under gNSO and recently selected by NOMCOM 2018[2] for ccNSO Council. Dr. Data was also Chair for PRT working group in ccNSO.

Award & Recognition

Graham Bell Award[3]

Award by Government of India[4]

Innovator of the Year[5]

Speaker at ICANN57#


Data studied commerce at the Commerce College, and fashion designing from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, MBA from Newport University (California) and PhD in Electronic Data Processing from Netherlands Open University. Dr. Data is active pranic healer and active practitioner.

Innovation on EAI / IDN email

Ajay Data has successfully rolled out IDN Supporting mailbox for .भारत (bharat in Hindi) and several other languages through XgenPlus Email solution. On 18th October 2016 an APP on Android and IOS known as DATAMAIL was launched in India supporting 8 Indian languages (Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Bangali, Urdu and Punjabi) and 3 International languages (Russian, Arabic and Chinese) for email address in 12 languages (including English). Anyone can download DATAMAIL app and get an EAI / IDN compatible email address FREE on mobile.

Global Contribution - EAI in Russia

Ajay Data started a joint venture company in Russia with and launched World's First email address service known as почта.рус in Cyrillic script.

UASG Case Study

UASG document section showcases a case study on XgenPlus for "Bridging the Digital Divide Through the True Internationalization of Email[6]"