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Desh Deepak Dwivedi is a public policy and social enthusiast who likes to work for the problems which have been congenitally grounded Ito the system and have been started to accept by people as life that can’t we unworked. He has done his bachelors degree in Public Policy and Management from the coveted Cluster Innovation Centre of the University of Delhi. He happens to be an avid reader and prolific writer whilst publishing his first best-seller in the form of a ‘Adolescence Psychodrama Novel’ at the age of 18. He started his own private limited company when he was 20 and took it to be among some of the biggest social initiates for the disabled in India. He later on went on to establish his own non-profit called as the Maslow Initiative Foundation in New Delhi, India where he started to work for the demanding cause of Right to Education and targeted community schools across India. Currently he is a Masters Student at Peking University, China and is a recipient of the DO School Fellowship, Germany; UNESCO APCEIU Fellowship, South Korea; Youth@IGF Fellowship, France; Connecting Cultures Fellowship, Sultanate of Oman and the ICANN Next-Gen Fellowship, Japan. In the near future, he wants to transform the community schools of India which happen to be 400,000 in number by introducing ICT used education system. He believes that development can only be achieved if we really keep pace with the changing technology and embrace it in our daily lives.