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Great to see you here! Ray


I have seen the changes, thanks a lot, you have added quite a lot of information to it. I remember I just posted three lines and a list of people, but now it is a complete whole history and stuff. :). It is great.


No I did not know about the history function, thanks for letting me know. There is a lot of formatting that needs to be done in the article, I mean related to the references, do you want to do it, or should I do it?Muhammad Ali Khalid

Yeah I also noted that the reflist function was not working, okay I guess delaying the formatting would be better, until it the reflist is done. Till then I can work on the content and the images. right?

Reflist template

Ted, do you have any idea how to get the Reflist template (from WP) working? Ray

yikes, can you help figure out what extension, etc.? I have someone who can get it done if I can communicate to him what exactly needs to be done. Also, can we get an example of a company template going?

linking to wp

sure, if they're not articles we'd logically want here, that makes sense Ray


Thanks for checking the ref link, I have added another one there and I got the point of making bullets instead of putting numbers. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Company Info Template

Looking much better! Ray

You figured it out -- Sweet!!! Ray
People section looks great now! Ray

Image Upload

works now!

People Template

I think the main thing for me is to build a couple of examples so we can get going on making more of them, thoughts? Ray

Those two look great, thanks. Any other fields you think should be candidates to be added to the people template? Ray