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Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Employees: 1500
Website: w3bank.net

W3Bank Internet Teknolojileri is a Turkish-based company specializing in various internet technologies. It provides web hosting and domain name parking services, and enables the monetization of domain traffic. The company has more than 10 million customers all over the world. Currently 16324 companies from all over the world use its services.

The company have offices in UAE, France, China and many other countries of the world.[1]


The company was founded in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. The company began as a simple web hosting company and quickly grew to offer additional services, like domain parking and monetisation of domain traffic.[2]


The full list of services provided by W3Bank are as follows:

  • Competitively-priced web registration and hosting
  • Doman parking and monetization
  • Buying and selling of domains, as well as ownership transfer
  • Domain name auctions
  • Whois services
  • Cloud Computing
  • The ability to manage multiple domains under one account.[3]