Zhaohan Li

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Organization: China Academy of ICT(CAICT)
Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Region: Asia
Country: China
Email: lizhaohan@caict.ac.cn
Twitter: link=https://twitter.com/Zhaohan Li   Li @Zhaohan Li

Zhaohan Li is a research assistant of the China Academy of ICT (CAICT), focusing on the Internet Industry and governance. Her team is active in the Internet governance area in China and has been doing a lot of supporting work related to ICANN outreach locally. After every ICANN meeting, CAICT holds the readout session to introduce the conference experience and discuss common concerns of the China Internet community about ICANN issues. It has built up a platform for the multi-stakeholders of China including the domain name registries and registrars, industrial organizations, institutes and universities, and related governmental agencies.

Career History

CAICT (2016-present) China Academy of ICT. Now she is a research assistant focusing on Internet Governance. Additionally, her team has been doing a lot of supporting work to the outreach of ICANN in the China Internet Community locally.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Participated in ICANN 59] and ICANN 60 Fellowship