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.ad is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Andorra. It is administered by Andorra Telecom.[1]

Andorra Telecom Transition Phase

Starting from May 22, 2024, a transition and opening process began at Andorra Telecom, serving to apply changes to the management and regulations while continuing to offer the registration service. Once the transition and opening process is completed, the .ad domain will operate in the same way as most other top-level domains, meaning there will be no need to demonstrate a specific right. This phase is organized as a continuous period until October 16, 2024, and during this phase, only Andorran registrars can submit applications. After the Transition and Opening Period, on October 22, 2024, during which available .ad domain names will be made available to all interested parties. The registry, Andorra Telecom, cannot register domains directly. For this reason, domain registrations must be made through accredited registrars.[1]


.ad domains can be used for any purpose except those expressly prohibited by the regulations.

It is forbidden to use .ad domain names for:

  • Offering third-level domain name registrations to independent third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Sending unsolicited commercial advertising that violates relevant legislation or common acceptable use policies of the Internet.
  • Registering multiple domains solely to establish parking pages with advertisements and/or redirect traffic to other domains.
  • Distributing malicious software.
  • Contributing to the operation of botnets or other similar abusive uses.
  • Engaging in identity theft (phishing).

Using the .ad domain name for trafficking domain names for sale, resale, or transfer, or allowing or contributing to a third party doing so, is also not permitted.

It is prohibited to use the .ad domain name in a manner that could damage or tarnish the name, image, or reputation of Andorra or go against Andorran interests, at the discretion of the Registry Operator. For example, through a .ad domain name, it is not allowed to offer or allow third parties to offer defamatory, violent, offensive, aggressive content, or content that, at the discretion of the Registry Operator, incites violence, is racist or xenophobic in nature, or is otherwise contrary to the law or morality.

Additionally, it is not permitted to register or use .ad domain names that could confuse the public regarding the public administration nature of the domain holder. Impersonation of third parties or infringement of third-party intellectual property rights is also prohibited.[1]

IDNs and Special Characters

.ad domain names can include:

  • Characters specific to the Catalan language (à; ç; è; é; í; ï; l·l; ò; ó; ú; ü);
  • Alphanumeric characters, that is, letters of the Latin alphabet, digits from 0 to 9, and hyphen "-";
  • Characters included in the internationalized domain names (IDNs) table published by IANA.

However, .ad domain names cannot:

  • Begin or end with a hyphen "-";
  • Have two consecutive hyphens "--" in the third and fourth positions unless they are IDN encodings according to the rules of the IDNs table published by IANA;
  • Have more than 63 characters.

As of July 2024, domain names of 1 and 2 characters are reserved by the Registry, but can be registered at a later time.[1]