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Type: Registry
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Miraflores 222, Piso 14

Santiago Centro
Postal Code: 832-0198

Country: Chile
Email: info[at]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@NICChile
Key People
José Miguel Piquer, Technical Director

Tomás Barros, Acing Director Research Labs
Eduardo Mercader, Coordinator of System & Development
Rodrigo Arenas, Network Administrator
Margarita Valdes, Legal and Commercial Manager

NIC Chile is the Network Information Center of Chile and the official registry for the .cl ccTLD. It is sponsored by University of Chile.[1] In 2006, NIC Chile joined LACNIC and ISC to establish root servers in Chile.[2]


NIC Chile was established in 1987 under the supervision of University of Chile. For 10 years it provided its services free of charge. Today, NIC Chile is one of the most established Network Information Centers in the world. It has participated actively in ICANN conferences and and meetings since the beginning of ICANN. NIC Chile claims that use of .cl is more than .com in Chile and it has registered over 354,733 .cl domain names.[3]Chile has a very good telecommunication infrastructure and the highest number of domain names per capita.[4]

In December, 2005, accented letters were opened for domain names. The local characters that can be used in a .cl domain name are: á, é, í, ñ, ó, ú and ü.[5]

In 2006, NIC Chile signed an Accountability Framework with ICANN, the first Latin American country to do so.[6]

NIC Labs

NIC labs is a project started in 2008 by NIC Chile. It is also known as research labs of NIC Chile.[7] Responsibilities of NIC Labs include the implementation of IPv6 in Chile. It is also working in the field of open source systems and ICT development.[8]


NIC Chile is a member of LACTLD, ccNSO, ISOC and DNS-OARC.[9]