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Status: Proposed
Registry: Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.
Registry Backend: Verisign
Type: Generic
Category: Lifestyle
Priority #: 919 - Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
1570 - Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.
Registrations: 1
Parked Domains: 7
Parked Domain %: 100 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 25 August 2016
General Availability: N/A

More Information: 1}}

.diy is a proposed new generic top level domain name with ICANN's New gTLD Program.

Current Applicants

  1. Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
  2. Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[1]


An official Legal Rights Objection was filed by Scripps Networks, LLC against Google.[2] It seems that Scripps Networks is behind the other competitive bid for .diy.

A Legal Rights Objection, as defined by the ICANN approved mediator, WIPO, is when, "third parties may file a formal objection to an application on several grounds, including, for trademark owners and Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) [..] When such an objection is filed, an independent panel (comprised of one or three experts) will determine whether the applicant’s potential use of the applied-for gTLD would be likely to infringe [..] the objector’s existing trademark, or IGO name or acronym."[3]