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Status: Active
Manager: IANA
Type: sTLD

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.int is an Sponsored Top Level Domain managed by IANA, available for registration exclusively by intergovernmental organisations.[1]


It is used for registering organisations established by international treaties between or among national governments.[1]

Primary requirements include:[1]

  1. An international treaty between or among national governments must be present; a true certified copy should either be provided or it should be listed on the United Nations online database of treaties.
  2. The treaty submitted must establish the organization applying for the .int domain name, not by a council decision or similar.
  3. The organization that is established must be widely considered to have independent international legal personality and must be the subject of and governed by international law. The declaration or the treaty must have created the organization.

Only one registration is allowed for each organisation. There is no fee for registering an .int domain name.[1]

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