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General Information
Industry: Registry
Country: Kenya
Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Waiyaki Way, Nairobi


Facebook: Facebook.png   KENIC
Founder(s): Dr. Shem Ochuodho and Mr. Randy Bush

Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) is a domain registry in Kenya that was established with the goal of creating a nonprofit organization to manage and operate .ke and corresponding ccTLDs. It also aims at the development of Internet and other Internet related services in Kenya, with the assistance of various national and international organizations through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). In addition to these main objectives, KENIC aims to bring Kenya on equal standards with the global Internet technology with the assistance of the government.[1]

The main contributors in the formation of this nonprofit organization were Dr. Shem Ochuodho and Mr. Randy Bush. KENIC began full functioning in 1993. In October 2001 KENIC expanded its consultations and services with the assistance of Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) and local Internet stakeholders.[2]


KENIC consists of a members board and associate members. The present membership consists of a mixture of both the Kenyan Internet community and the Kenyan Government.

The board members are selected from various organizations as follows:

  • Communications Commission Kenya (CCK)
  • TELKOM Kenya
  • Government IT Services (GITS)
  • Directorate of E-Governance
  • Telecommunications Services Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK)
  • Kenya Education Network (KENET)

The Associated members are selected from various organizations as follows:

  • Kenya ICT Network (KICTANet)
  • Domain-Name Registrar Association of Kenya (DRAKE)
  • Kenya Internet Marketing Association (KIMA)

Roles of KENIC

KENIC was established with the vision of bringing the Kenyan Internet technology up to global standards and to promote Internet and its services in the country on a large scale. KENIC has the following functions:

  • To develop and promote .ke ccTLD.
  • To create a technological infrastructure for the efficient administration of the .ke ccTLD.
  • Manage the .ke TLD, its second level domains and local domains effectively.
  • To create a cost-effective environment for the effective growth of .ke.
  • Notify the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) of any changes to contact information about .ke.
  • Allow ICANN to access .ke zone files and registration data .
  • Meet all the registration and financial obligations of ICANN.
  • Abide with all global ICANN Internet policies.
  • Assist ICANN in its development.[3]


KENIC has undertaken following projects for the development of the Internet and related services:

CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team): It assists local Internet providers with the use of preventive measures in reducing the various risks of harmful content on different websites. It encourages the use of active measures to reduce the risk of computer security incidents and responding to such incidents in the event of their occurrence.[4]

NTP Server: NTP is a protocol that is designed to synchronize the clocks of computers connected through a network. NTP operates on a server or reference time source such as radio or satellite receiver or a modem and helps in synchronizing system clocks of computer clients or other servers[5]

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension): DNSSEC is designed to protect Internet clients from forged DNS data. It employs cryptography to provide authenticity of the DNS to its clients.[6][7]

'Root Server: The root server is a DNS server that answers the requests for namespace domain. It directs request for a particular TLDs to the Name-servers of that TLD. [8]


KENIC has both international and national sponsors that assist in the overall development of the organization and its services. The list of these sponsors is as follows:

International Sponsors:

  • Network Startup Resource Centre.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • Packet Clearing House (PCH).
  • CNET Global International.

Local Sponsors:

  • Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)
  • Swiftglobal (K) Limited.
  • Kenya Data Network (KDN).
  • Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP).
  • Computer Technics Limited.
  • Dotsavvy Africa
  • Logistics Creation. [9]