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Status: Delegated
country: International
Registry: Donuts
Registry Backend: Donuts
Date Implemented: 25 March 2015
Type: Generic
Category: Media
Priority #: 623 - Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd
895 - Amazon
944 - STRAAT Investments (NU DOT CO LLC)
967 - Donuts (New Frostbite, LLC)
1859 - Famous Four Media (dot Movie Limited)
1908 - Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
Registrations: 3,328
Parked Domains: 1,658
Parked Domain %: 49.82 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 25 March 2015
General Availability: 26 August 2015

More Information: 1}}

.movie is a TLD delegated in ICANN's New gTLD Program. Donuts (New Frostbite, LLC) manages the TLD and is its Registry. The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the Root Zone on 25 March, 2015.[1]

Current Applicants

  1. Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd
  2. Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
  3. Famous Four Media (dot Movie Limited), has applied for 61 TLDs.[2] This applicant submitted a Public Interest Commitment, which can be downloaded here.
  4. Donuts (New Frostbite, LLC), applied for 307 TLDs. This applicant submitted a Public Interest Commitment, which can be downloaded here.
  5. Amazon

Previous Applicants

  1. Radix (Webdeus Inc.), a subisdiary of Directi, which has submitted 31 TLD applications. WITHDRAWN.[3] First applicant to drop out of contention set, May 2013.
  2. Dish DBS Corporation - Their application was the first "closed generic" TLD to be withdrawn after ICANN put a hold on their implementation.
  3. STRAAT Investments, the parent company of .co Internet submitted an application with the internet governing body to become the registry operator of the TLD. .Movie is one of the 13 new gTLDs applied for by the company. [4]

GAC Early Warnings

The applications from Amazon and Dish DBS Corporation were both issued a GAC Early Warning from the representative of Australia and GAC Chair, Heather Dryden. The warning system is noted as a strong recommendation on behalf of national governments to the ICANN Board that a given TLD application should be denied as it stands. Applicants are encouraged to work with objecting GAC members.[5]

The warning states that the applicant is "seeking exclusive access to a common generic string .. that relates to a broad market sector," which Ms. Dryden notes could have unintended consequences and a negative impact on competition.[6]

ICANN Auction

The string will go to ICANN auction 19 November 2014.[7]