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Status: Proposed
country: India, International
Type: GeoTLD

.mumbai was a rumored GeoTLD application to ICANN's new gTLD program. It was originally confirmed in June, 2011, as a joint venture of Minds + Machines and India TL Domain with official government support coming from the Deputy Mayor of IT at the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. That letter of support was revoked 2 months later by the Deputy Major, who cited that such official endorsements must come from the Municipal Commissioner.[1]

Given Mumbai's status as the largest and richest city in India, many expected to see an application for .mumbai, but when rejecting M + M's authority it was requested that ICANN “not allocate any domain ending with .mumbai (dot Mumbai) to any party / organization / company”.[2]

No application for .mumbai was submitted in the first round of ICANN's open gTLD expansion program.


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