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Status: Delegated
Registry Provider: Afilias
Type: Brand TLD
Priority #: 1263 - Nokia Corporation

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.nokia is a new Brand TLD delegated to the Root Zone in ICANN's New gTLD Program on 15 July 2015. The Nokia Corporation manages the TLD, with back-end registry services provided by Afilias.[1]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

"Nokia currently serves Internet users with domain names registered in the existing Top-Level domains. Nokia anticipates that unique and authentic .nokia gTLD registry can provide future opportunities for differentiation, innovation and consumer choice. To support these goals, .nokia gTLD registry is being designed to operate as a Single Entity Registry with all domains owned by Nokia Corporation. It will be closed to third parties with no association with Nokia. Domains will only be allocated for the use of Nokia Corporation or its Affiliates, to support group’s commercial objectives. Initially names in the .nokia gTLD registry may forward to existing Nokia’s sites under .com or ccTLDs. In the future Nokia may optimise its gTLD registry’s mode of operation in line with business goals and what emerges as Best Practice for Dot Brand owners or in response to ICANN consensus policies. This is in accordance with the statement of former ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush on 22 June 2011 when he announced the launch of the new gTLD programme saying, ʺTodayʹs decision will usher in a new Internet age. We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration.ʺ What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of speciality, service levels or reputation? The goal of the .nokia gTLD registry in terms of speciality and reputation is to reflect the uniqueness and value that lies in the Nokia brand, listed as the 14th Most Valuable Global Brand by InterBrand in the 2011. In terms of service levels, the .nokia gTLD registry will be run to the highest-levels of professionalism. What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space in terms of competition, differentiation or innovation? Nokia can by definition differentiate with unique and authentic .nokia Single Entity Registry. In the future Nokia will explore a variety of use cases for its TLD registry. Nokia anticipates that future innovations and technological development in the market can provide future opportunities for differentiation, innovation and consumer choice. What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience? Providing customers the best user experience in terms of ease of use, relevance and reliability is at the heart of Nokia’s product and service offering. Only Nokia and its Affiliates will be able to register second level domain names in the .nokia gTLD registry. Internet users will not have to worry about malicious behaviours or false or inaccurate information from a site under a .nokia gTLD. Localization is a fundamental element of good user experience. Over time, Nokia intends to explore the option of offering IDNs in the scripts listed in its answer to Question 44, thereby enhancing the usability of its domain names for Internet users in different world markets. Provide a complete description of the applicants intended registration policies in support of the goals above Nokia Corporation is the operator of the .nokia registry. The Nokia Domain Name Management team is responsible for the development, maintenance and enforcement of the .nokia Domain Management Policy (NDMP). This policy defines the rules associated with eligibility and domain name allocation, sets out the license terms governing the use of a .nokia domain name and describes the dispute resolution policies for the .nokia TLD. This policy is intended to be updated and revised regularly to reflect Nokia’s commercial and strategic interests and, where appropriate, ICANN consensus policies. General principle The .nokia registry will be a closed Dot Brand registry, also known as a Single Entity Registry. All domain name registrations in the .nokia TLD will be registered to Nokia Corporation, and maintained by the Registry Operator for the exclusive use of members of the Nokia group of companies, its employees, subsidiaries and appropriate affiliates. Nokia has no plans to sell, distribute or transfer the control or use of any registrations in the .nokia TLD to any third party. As the .nokia registry will be a Single Entity Registry, Nokia is seeking an exemption from the Code of Conduct in Specification 9 of the Registry Operators’ Agreement."[2]