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Status: Active
country: International
Registry Provider: XYZ
Type: Generic
Category: Security
Priority #: .Security - 728 .Protection - 590

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.Security and .Protection are two active generic top level domains (gTLDs) for the security industry. .Security and .Protection were delegated to the root zone in Q3, 2015. The TLDs are managed by XYZ.COM LLC, with back-end services provided by CentralNic. The TLDs were originally owned by the Symantec Corporation, who sold it to XYZ.COM LLC in June 2015.

Uses and Goals

.Security and .Protection are two highly targeted TLDs for the security industry. They appeal to cyber security firms, home- and private security businesses. With their strong vertical industry focus, companies operating in this space can find short, relevant, and memorable domains pertaining to their area of expertise. The name spaces do not have any reserved or premium domains. All names are available for registration without restriction.

.Security and .Protection are ideal domain extensions for startups and established businesses alike. Startups may find a great keyword pertaining to their business on .Security or .Protection. Established businesses are using .Security and .Protection domains to launch new initiatives, expand their online marketing, and secure region specific URLs. Several of businesses have also chosen to rebrand to a .Security or .Protection domain.

Large enterprises, including Amazon, Ebay, Hewlett Packard, and Symantec are using .Security and .Protection domains to point directly to their security and privacy protection pages, providing an easy place for customers to view this information.


.Security and .Protection are being marketed to a professional audience. Both name spaces are considered premium name spaces, since all keywords are available without any registry reserve. The price point of .Security and .Protection domains encourages legitimate businesses to register domains, helping prevent against cyber-squatting and phishing concerns. At the same time it gives consumer-trust to website visitors.

The .Security and .Protection team frequently attend security conferences such as RSA and BlackHat to spread awareness for the extensions and to help registrars in being successful. Representatives from the registry operator meet with industry leaders, insiders, and attendees to educate them about the benefits of .Security and .Protection domains and to help potential customers find them at their registrar of choice.

.Security and .Protection’s social media channels are very active and regularly post the latest news on cyber-security and other security-related topics.


End Users

.Security and .Protection domains are already seeing utilization from a wide variety of businesses within the security space.

All Blue Solutions Inc., a top IBM managed security provider, launched their new initiative on the URL Blue.Security.  Arrow Security, a private security company based in Florida, rebranded to Arrow.Security as their main online platform. Pretty Easy Privacy, a email encryption service, has upgraded to the domain PEP.Security. OSI Security, a private penetration testing and security consultancy in Sydney, Australia rebranded to OSI.Security.

Security-industry leaders - such as MasterLock, G4S, CarbonBlack, Rackspace, FireEye, and other leading security based service providers such as WP hacked help have also registered .Security and .Protection domains for their brands and services..

Delegation and Availability

.Security was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on September 15, 2015. .Protection was delegated to the root zone on August 26, 2015. Both domains entered general availability on January 27, 2016.