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Status: Delegated
Registry Provider: Verisign
Type: Brand TLD
Priority #: 398 - Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.shangrila is a Brand TLD delegated to the Root Zone in ICANN's New gTLD Program on 2 July 2016. The registry is managed by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited, with back-end services provided by Verisign.[1][2]

The application was issued a GAC Early Warning by China. The warning system is noted as a strong recommendation on behalf of national governments to the ICANN Board that a given TLD application should be denied as it stands. Applicants are encouraged to work with objecting GAC members.[3]

The warning states that string refers to a Chinese county, and as such is a Geo TLD and requires government support. The Chinese government does not support the application.[4]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

"The new .shangrila gTLD will operate as a restricted registry, in which Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited (Shangri-La International) can create and control domain spaces within .shangrila that promote the identity and authenticity of its brand. In this regard, .shangrila will be used by Shangri-La International to provide information, services and resources regarding Shangri-La hotels and resorts to consumers in a way that promotes trust, confidence and convenience. The .shangrila gTLD will provide an authoritative Internet space for Shangri-La International, its affiliates and partners that are associated with the Shangri-La brand. Second and third level domains can then be utilised for localised booking services and communication and marketing purposes, with Internet users assured of brand authenticity.

Shangri-La International, trading as Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, is a global group that owns, operates and⁄or manages 57 five-star Shangri-La hotels and resorts in 17 countries across the world. This is due to expand to 84 hotels in 21 countries in the near future. Shangri-La International, established in 1984, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Asia Limited (Shangri-La Asia). Shangri-La Asia, listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchanges and traded as American Depositary Receipts (ADR) in the US, had 2010 revenue of nearly USD1.6 billion and a market capitalisation of about USD42 billion. Shangri-La Asia has over 33,000 employees and around 30,000 guest rooms. Shangri-La International has won numerous awards and is consistently recognised as an industry leader by prestigious publications around the world. This includes recently winning 8 awards and being voted “Best Business Hotel Brand in Asia-Pacific” in the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific magazine 2011 readers’ poll for the 11th consecutive year. In this regard, consumer trust, continuous innovation and protection of the Shangri-La brand are paramount considerations in all its activities. The .shangrila will promote the Shangri-La brand and maintain Shangri-La International’s strong online presence. These objectives will be further complemented by Shangri-La International’s gTLD application for the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) “shangrila” in Chinese language.


Only affiliate entities of Shangri-La International will be eligible to register domain names in .shangrila at this stage. The domain name registration processes will address the requirements mandated by ICANN, including rights abuse prevention measures."[5]