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Status: Delegated
Registry Provider: Afilias
Type: Generic
Category: Technology
Priority #: 799 - QIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.xihuan, which is Chinese for "like," is a gTLD delegated to the Root Zone in ICANN's New gTLD Program on 30 March 2016.. The registry operator is QIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.[1][2]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

"The mission and purpose of .XIHUAN Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) represents the Applicant, Qihoo 360 Technology Company Limited (360), its strategic and enduring effort in preserving Top-Level Domain resources for its existing and future businesses. 360 will also be filling three other gTLD strings in this application round, namely “.YUN”, “.ANQUAN”, and “.SHOUJI”, in addition to the .XIHUAN string. These four applied-for strings are perfect representation of 360’s ultimate business value and core competency to date and in foreseeable future. They are considered to be critically important to 360 as well as to over 400 million users that 360 serves.

Specifically, the .XIHUAN TLD will be offering through existing 360 social network and link-sharing ⁄ -collection service, as identifier for limited number of eligible registrants. The .XIHUAN will be based on a standard domain registry ⁄ registration bundled with available and applicable value-added service. The role of eligible registrant will be further defined, and should include both 360 and non-360 users. For more information regarding 360 social network and link-sharing ⁄ -collection service please visit http:⁄⁄www.woxihuan.com⁄. Currently, the service is available in China mainland only with nearly 200,000 registered users. 360 plans to expand its service globally upon the launch of the .XIHUAN TLD registry service.

As a company operating in fast-changing competitive landscape in Chinese Internet marketplace, 360 believes in and strives for constant evolution and innovation in its consumer-facing web and mobile services. 360 plans to make every possible attempt to ensure its user reliability, recognition, reputation, and experience at the Internet Top-Level. Based on further research and findings in domestic and international marketplace, there could be other areas and goals that 360 may identify prior to or upon launching the TLD registry.

About Qihoo 360 Technology Company Limited We are the No. 3 Internet company in China as measured by user base, according to a report we commissioned from iResearch. In January 2011, we had over 400 million monthly active Internet users, representing a user penetration rate of 85.8% in China, according to iResearch. Recognizing security as a fundamental need of Internet and mobile users, we offer comprehensive high-quality Internet and mobile security products free of charge, providing users with secure access points to Internet activities. As a result, we have amassed a large and loyal user base, which we monetize primarily through offering online advertising and Internet value-added services.

We are also the No. 1 provider of Internet and mobile security products in China as measured by user base, according to iReseach. In January 2011, we had 328 million monthly active Internet security product users, representing a user penetration rate of 83.9% in China, according to iResearch.


s documented in Section 18(a), during the Initial Period of operation, 360 is intending to restrict registration and use of domain names with the gTLD to limited number of eligible registrant. Because of this condition precedent, any registration and use requirements are more appropriately vested in these corporate⁄subsidiary agreements and not in a domain name registration agreement. 360 mark is a valuable brand whose protection is of paramount important, any registration and use (e.g. trademark quality control provisions) must vest in these other agreements."[3]