Academic and Research Network of Slovenia

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Type: Public Institute
Industry: Network Services
Founded: May 1992
Headquarters: 1001 Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia

ARNES stands for The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia, which is a public institute. The aim of the institute is to offer network services to educational and cultural organizations for the public and private sector. The institute is also responsible for the infrastructure that links other public institutions such as universities, museums, research laboratories, databases, etc. ARNES collaborates with other European networks in order to research and develop new internet protocols, and they have worked on various projects in conjunction with the European Union.

ARNES is a member of many international organizations such as TERENA, CEENet, RIPE, CENTR, EURid, FIRST, and Euro-IX, where it plays an active role.The management of ARNES is selected by the government of Slovenia.[1]

ARNES has been a leader in Europe's IPv6 deployment.[2]