Aaron Falk

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Affiliation: Akamai
Country: USA
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Aaron Falk

Aaron Falk is a Senior Product Integration Architect at Akamai, and has held that position since November 2014.[1]

He was formerly the Lead Systems Engineer with the GENI project, its Interim Engineering Architect, and an active member of the IETF. He stepped down as the chair of the IRTF in March, 2011.[2]


Aaron wored extensively with the IETF for over a decade, and has been the chairman of the TCPSAT, PILC, and the DCCP working groups. Falk was formerly also the RFC editor contact at the ISI.

He has also worked with the organization to set management strategies, and technical and political direction. As the chair of the IRTF he oversaw some fourteen large research groups, and was himself responsible for a 25% increase in the total number of working groups. He also has been influential in creating a process for the organization to publish RFCs.[3]


Mr. Falk's work with GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations, relies on his ability to not only design and innovate but also his ability to inspire others to do the same. He must ensure that its architecture is fully defined and can satisfy the communities needs. He must allow the infrastructure to evolve with the community's vision, and is in constant contact with them to allow this to happen. He also oversees working groups and all the technical and staffing decisions made about them.[4]

Other Background

Falk received his education from the University of Maryland, where he helped to design and implement a system that was capable of providing broadband Internet access with a satellite dish that could only receive data. His background also extends in satellite design, and he played a key role in developing satellite network architecture at TRW, Hughes, and PanAmSat.[5]