Abdelmonim Osman

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Affiliation: Sudan University of Science & Technology
Country: Sudan
Email: abdelmonim [at] gmail.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Abdelmonim Osman

Abdelmonim Osman is the Director of Computer Center at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), where his responsibilities include directing the university's technological research, overseeing finances, managing plans on technological projects, preparing reports for senior management, and more. He has been a Lecturer at SUST since August 2013, teaching courses in Software Engineering, e-Commerce, IT Project Management, and Web Development.[1]

He was formerly also the Head of IT Training at SUST, and taught a number of other classes there between 2001 and 2013.[1]

He was a fellow for ICANN 52 - Singapore.[2]


Abdelmonim obtained his Masters of Information Science at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.[1]


Abdelmonim is interested in new gTLDs and security.[2]


Abdelmonim speaks Arabic and English.[1]


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