Abhijit Dara

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AbhijitDara Portrait.jpg
Affiliation: Directi
Country: India

LinkIcon.png   http://abhijitdara.info/

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Abhijit Dara is the Senior Marketing Manager for Directi, where he leads the company on brand and marketing management for multiple brands, content creation, promotional role-out, corporate blog and site maintenance, and social media marketing. He has a degree in Information Technology and has gained experience in Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Strategy, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development. He has previously worked elsewhere in the Directi, including time as an Editor of WebHosting.info, and as a Marketing Manager for Directi. He has been with the Directi Group since July 2006.[1]

Abhijit is currently pursuing his Masters in Marketing from Jamnalal Bajaj and trying to find the time to blog regularly.[2]