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Organization: Internet Association
Affiliation: GNSO
Region: North America
Email: Slater@internetassociation.org

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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @gailaslater

Abigail Slater is the General Counsel at the Washington, DC based Internet Association (IA). IA represents over 40 of the world's leading internet companies. The organization aims to be the unified voice of the internet economy in all public policy settings, including ICANN. As such, IA supported the 2016 IANA transition to the multistakeholder process the ICANN community embodies today.

Career History

Before joining the Internet Association, Slater worked at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for 10 years as an antitrust attorney and as an attorney advisor to Commissioner Julie Brill. She trained as a lawyer with the global law firm Freshfields in their London and Brussels offices.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Slater is a native of Dublin, Ireland. Fittingly, her first ICANN meeting was ICANN 54 in Dublin in 2015. She represents the IA and its members in the BC.


Slater holds law degrees from University College, Dublin, Wuerzburg University, and Oxford University. She is a member of the New York Bar and a solicitor in England (and Wales too).