Adetola Sogbesan

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Affiliation: Chace Systems Limited / Africa ICT Alliance
Country: Nigeria
Email: adetola1 [at]
LinkedIn: link=Adetola Sogbesan   [Adetola Sogbesan Adetola Sogbesan]

Adetola Sogbesan has been involved in ICT for about 20 years, but is currently working as a Management Consultant with a focus on Business Solution and Strategy.[1]

He is a Board member of Africa ICT Alliance, and their effort is to ensure the seamless working cooperation of ICT Companies and practitioners in Africa.

ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco was Sogbesan's first ICANN Meeting, for which he was an ICANN Fellow.[1] He has also attended several Nigerian, West African and African IGFs.

He was a past member of JCI.[2]


He is keen to learn more and ready to join on the training/advocacy intervention side. Sogbesan is a user and trainer who is interested in educating people making the Internet accessible to all. [3]


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