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Type: Non-profit
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2010
Website: African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF)
Facebook: AfPIF
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@AfPIF

AfPIF, or African Peering and Interconnection Forum is an event that addresses key interconnections, peering, and traffic exchange opportunities and challenges on the continent. It provides participants with global and regional insights, with the goal of maximizing opportunities for growing infrastructure and services in the country, by gathering together infrastructure providers, Internet service providers ISPs, Internet Exchange Points [[IXP]s, international financial institutions, policymakers, and regulators.[1]

AfPIF is a non-profit event funded by international sponsorship and support.[1]

Structure & Programming Committee

On 2016 January 30, AfPIF released a document detailing the governance framework for how AfPIF's Program Committee, also referred to as "PC", would be structured and regulated. It concluded that the PC would consist of a Chairperson, Co-Chair, PC Members, and at least two support staff from the Secretariat, with no upper limit in place for the number of PC members. New members would be chosen on an annual basis via a selection process, limited to a number that the PC believes is manageable.[2]

The types of members and their roles are:[2]

Community Selected PC Members

  • Chairperson and Co-Chair - Tasked with formal representational tasks, the chair and co-Chair do not have any voting privileges over the rest of the PC.
  • PC Members - Must be willing to contribute to discussions on the PC mailing list, attend online conference calls with needed, and finalizing agendas prior to AfPIF events. All PC members operate within a fairly flat structure, where all members have equal status.

Support PC Members

  • Secretariat Support Staff - Will serve as the secretariat and liaison between the secretariat [1], and the PC.
  • (Optional) Local Host Support staff - A rotational seat for a liaison from the local host to be appointed by the local host, and to serve for a term that ends with the conclusion of that forum. If the liaison nominated by the local host is already a PC member, the rotational seat becomes void. The appointment of this seat, should take place in parallel with the selection of new PC members or at a later date when the location of the next AfPIF is confirmed.

Being a PC member is a volunteer position that anyone can apply for. There are no restrictions, though preference is given to applicants who have attended at least one AfPIF meeting.[2]


AfPIF 2016 (August 30 - September 1) - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania[3]

AfPIF 2015 - The Lessons Learnt (August 25-27) - Maputo, Mozambique[4]
Focused on regional interconnection dynamics and content issues that are critical components of transit deficits.

AfPIF 2014 - The Future of Peering (August 24-26) - Pullman Dakar Teranga Hotel, Dakar, Senegal[5]
Focused on the future of peering in an era where the cost of transit is declining, as well as regional interconnection dynamics and content issues that are critical components of transit deficits.

AfPIF 2013 - (September 3-5) - Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers, Casablanca, Morocco[6]

AfPIF 2012 - (September 3-5) - Hilton Sandton - Johannesburg, South Africa [7]

AfPIF 2011 - Regional Interconnection: Outlining the business case (August 8-9) - Hilton Sandton - Accra, Ghana[8]
Hosted by NTIA.

AfPIF 2010 - Unlocking Africa’s Regional Interconnection (August 10-11) - Nairobi, Kenya[9]
Hosted by NTIA.


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