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Organization: Afrotribune
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
Region: Africa
Country: Togo


Facebook: Facebook.png   Afrotribune
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Afrotribune
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @afrotribuneCo

Afrotribune is an African civil society story telling organization. It’s an attempt to change the negative narrative of Africa. The project mission is to tell Africa’s positive stories. Build a media empire that can assist, narrate, educate, impact and empower Africans, start-ups, artists, investors, successful entrepreneurs, etc.

There is a positive side of Africa that is often neglected. These are stories of change, hope, young people driving change, unsung heroes and heroines, the rich nature and cultural heritage and much more. These are the stories that we tell and we will continue telling the world to make sense to our existence and the next generation.

Aside from telling African success stories, we inspire other young minds to start their own business and create contents that focus on Africa for Africans and the diaspora.

Things have never been more exciting in Africa than they are now and the continent's burgeoning tech space is all anyone can talk about. Pushing African content at this moment is a very critical phase in Africa's rise to join the on-going tech revolution.

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