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Affiliation: DotAsia
Country: Hong Kong
Email: ajitora@dot.asia

link=Ajitora.Asia   [Ajitora.Asia Ajitora.Asia]

Facebook: link=Ajitora Asia 小虎亞吉   [Ajitora Asia 小虎亞吉 Ajitora]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @AjitoraAsia

Ajitora, or Aji is the first and only cyber tiger of his kind. He currently lives in Hong Kong and works with the awesome folks at DotAsia Organisation as the Stakeholder Engagement Manager.

Aji, short for Ajitora, like his colleagues, works tirelessly to the promotion of “.Asia” domain names and its value for anyone from Asia, as well as businesses around the world looking for Asia.

He also moonlights as the unofficial spokestiger for his species (the non-digital ones) living across Asia. Aji has been appointed by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), GTF (Global Tiger Forum) and TRAFFIC as the Tx2 Ambassador, working on projects to help double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.