Ali Hadji Mmadi

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Country: Comores Telecom
Email: alihadji [at]
LinkedIn: link=Ali Hadji Mmadi   [Ali Hadji Mmadi Ali Hadji Mmadi]

Ali Hadji Mmadi has worked at Comores Telecom since 2004, though he has held numerous roles within the organization. Most recently, he is the Head of the Department of Registry and Internet Security.[1] He acts as the technical contact for its .km ccTLD,[2] and is the coordinator for their prepaid platform and fixed telephone services.[3]

Mr. Mmadi has attended multiple ICANN meetings, including ICANN Nairobi and ICANN Dakar,[4] and also as an ICANN Fellow, such as at ICANN 46 in Beijing.[5]

Mr. Mmadi participated in the ACRP in 2008 in Cairo.[6] and in Arusha in 2009.[7]

He is involved with the Comores' ISOC chapter, and also with AFNIC.[8] He also participates with AfTLD.[9]