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Affiliation: ICANN
Country: Iran
Email: alireza [at]
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Alireza Saleh has been a Member of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel at ICANN since 2009.[1] He is also the CTO of the .ir ccTLD. Saled serves as one of the monitors of the current ICANN IDN tests.[2] He is also a Board Member of DotAsia.[1]

Career History

Saleh has been involved in network technology for the last 13 years. Prior to joining the .ir ccTLD, he worked with the Iranian Academic NETwork. He has also been involved in the IDN Development for the Persian and Arabic Language. He actively participates in IETF, RIPE, ICANN, ITU-T, APTLD and CENTR meetings.[2] From 2004 to 2005, he worked as a CTO of Parscyberian Co, where he Designed and supervised large scale networks in different aspects such as routing and security. [1]


IDN developments at IRNIC ir ccTLD


Saleh holds B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology.