Allan Campos Gallo

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Affiliation: CeNAT
Country: Costa Rica
Email: acampos [at]
Facebook: link=Allan Campos Gallo   [Allan Campos Gallo Allan Campos Gallo]

Allan Campos Gallo has worked at CeNAT, Costa Rica's Nanotechnology and Advanced Computer and Technology Center, since 2003. He is the Environmental Management Coordinator, which means that he oversees a department that is technically analyzing and recording the world's climate. This directly involves him with the current scientific and social discussion surrounding the issue of global warming. CeNAT is a joint project of 4 Costa Rican public universities, which monitors global environmental and astral developments and trends. He was asked by Costa Rica's National Science Academy (NSA) to attend ICANN 42 to help support the subsequent ICANN conference, ICANN 43, to be hosted in San Juan, Costa Rica.[1]

He was the Coordinator and part of the Organizing Committee for the International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (IRSE) 2007.[2]

Other Work

Mr. Gallo has been a University Physics Professor, and a Quality Manager for the Center for Nuclear Research in Atomic and Molecular Sciences at the University of Costa Rica.[3]