Amira Mahmoud

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Amira MahmoudPortrait.jpg
AmiraMahmoud sketch.jpg
Organization: freelancer
Affiliation: NextGen@ICANN
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Technical Community
Region: Africa
Country: Egypt
Facebook: Facebook.png   Amira Mahmoud

Amira Mahmoud is an ICANNWiki NextGen from Egypt, she is a web developer, holds a licence of arts and humanities plus Diploma of information technology department of web development. Member at iGmena community.. it brings voices together from the MENA region on Internet Governance and policies. joined ICANN through ICANN59 meeting which held in Johannesburg 26-29 June.

Career History

Web developer " 2016- present" Journalist "2013- present

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation