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Country: India
Email: amritachoudhury [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Amrita Choudhury

Amrita Choudhury is the Director of CCAOI.[1] She is also one of its founding members; the organization is a non-profit and was founded in 2008.[2]

The organization, and thus her work, focuses on the promotion of the Internet throughout India, and working with the wide spectrum of stakeholders involved in this task; such as ISPs, access facilities, end users, and policy creators. she is actively involved in studies pertaining to Internet Governance, Besides being involved in promoting digital literacy in regional languages in India, she is actively involved in building capacity is South Asia and thus bringing more stakeholders into the discussion.

Ms. Choudhury was an ICANN Fellow at ICANN 41Singapore; ICANN 42 Dakar, ICANN 55 Marakech, ICANN 57 Hyderabad and ICANN 59 Johannesburg. She is the At-Large representative of her organisation. She is the treasurer of Internet Society.[2] India Delhi Chapter.

Career History

Amrita Choudhury has over 17 years of experience in IT and Internet Industry.[3] From 2004 to 2009, she was the Senior Manager of Sify Technologies Ltd. [ 1]


Amrita has certificates in Internet Governance and Advanced Phased Certification on Security from Diplo Foundation. She has a certification on CopyrightX from Harvard law School and a 6 sigma black belt certification.[3] She completed a MBA in Marketing from Gauhati University and a BSc in Botany and Zoology from the same university.[ 1]


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