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Country: USA
Email: andy.dale [at]

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Andy Dale is the CEO of ooTao Inc., the first i-name domain registrar and a software developer firm.[1] He has been working in the software development department for over 10 years as a company principal and team leader.[2]

Dale has previously worked with various business organizations such as: Citibank, Bank of America, Monsanto, Gap, and IBM; as well as IT companies like: Identity Commons, Social Physics, Envoii, and 2idi. He serves as a senior architect to several organizations in the areas of secure distributed data management and visualization, including Identity Commons and Natural Logic. Dale is listed as a co-inventor on two patent applications in the areas of digital identity and secure data sharing.

Andy is an active member of the OASIS XDI Technical Committee, an Eclipse Committee member on the Higgins project, and an active member of the OpenID 2.0 community. He is also a co-founder of the Virtual Rights Institute.


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