Angus Hanton

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Affiliation: Giraffe
Country: UK
Email: angus[at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Angus Hanton

Angus Hanton founded, a specialist domain name company, back in 1997; he continues to manage that site.[1]


Angus was elected as a non-executive director of Nominet, a domain name registration company, in May 2007. However, he was unhappy with the way the company was being run, and therefore resigned in 2008 after 18 months.[2] He was told by his legal advisor that Nominet was going the wrong way, on several occasions. Angus said that the board of directors was not fulfilling its duties properly and the non-profit objectives of the company were being ignored.[3]


Angus also runs, which deals with woodland real estate.[4] The family bought a small patch of woods 35 years ago and fell in love with them. His company creates small woodlands and sells them to other enthusiasts like themselves, they've been doing this for over 20 years.[4] According to Angus, the Internet has made it easier for them to communicate with their customers as they can provide all the information on their website.

The company also offers woodland resale services.[4] Uptill now they have created and sold hundreds of manageable patches of woods.[4]


  • UK Domain Channel Charts New Course With First Country Specific Domain Conference in London.[5]
  • ICANN meeting held in Paris in 2008.[6]