Anthony Lee

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Affiliation: TWNIC
Country: Taiwan
Email: anthony [at]

Anthony Lee is the Director of the Department of Domain Name Services for TWNIC.[1]

TWNIC Involvement

Lee has worked for the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) since 2001 as the Director of the Domain Name Services Department, taking responsibilities for .tw domain name registration management, registrar accreditation and relations, and domain name application training courses.

He was also elected as a board member of ISOC-Taiwan in 2002 and invited by ISOC to the Committee of Individual Membership in 2003. He also served as APTLD Secretariat from 2002-2003 and was the Chairman of the APNG Camp and the Steering Committee of APNG.

He expanded .tw registration channels both in Taiwan and overseas in order to provide worldwide .tw domain name registration services. He also took responsibility for the launch of Chinese second level domain name registration following IDN standard in 2003 and the English second level domain name registration launched in 2005.

Anthony also conducted the marketing research on .tw domain name registration to explore the registrant’s demographics and registration behavior for .tw registrars for further marketing and service reference in 2004 and 2005.

Past Work

Prior to joining TWNIC, He was a journalist and received the National Award of Golden Vision and titled the Best Journalist in 1999.


He received his M.A. degree in Communication focusing on the Internet Media in 2003.


Anthony prepared a paper entitled “The Role of Local Authority on the Internet Governance: Exploring the Relationship between Local Authority and the Public Interest from Taiwan’s Experiences” presented at the World forum on Information Society held in parallel with the UN World Summit on Information Society in Geneva and published in 2004 by International Research Foundation for Development.[2]