Arab States Research and Education Network

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Type: non-profit
Industry: Internet
Founded: June 2011
Headquarters: Dusseldorf
Country: Germany
Website: ASREN
Key People
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman

Arab States Research and Education Network or ASREN is a non-profit organiation under the umbrella of the League of Arab State. It is the association oft he Arab region National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), and aims to implement, manage, and extend sustainable internet infrastructues amongst the Arab States, specifically to the research and education communities, through the implementation and upkeep of high-speed data-communications networks.[1]


ASREN supports a number of events around the Arab States region. Amongst the largest of these is e-AGE, or the International Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment, is an annual international event organized by ASREN, which launched in December 2010, at the League of Arab States. The event helps further the non-profit's major objectives, and is meant to be a launching pad for R&E connectivity and cooperation in the cooperation, by bringing together the region's foremost innovators, leaders, scientists, to help with the following objectives:[2]

  • Announcing achievements and presenting future planning and activities in the research and education arena
  • Bringing the importance of e-Infrastructures to the attention of politicians and decision makers
  • Presenting case studies and showcasing examples of collaborative research using e-Infrastructure resources and facilities
  • Supporting a sustainable pan-Arab research and education network with links to the European GÉANT backbone, the North American Internet2 network and other regional networks around the world
  • Attracting foundations and international donors to support the development of ASREN and regional research e-Infrastructure
  • Strengthening private sector involvement in developing research and supporting innovation
  • Reviewing existing e-infrastructure, connectivity, and services and explore opportunities for linkage to Arab and global N/R RENs

Past e-AGE events include:[2]

  • 2011 - December 12-14 in Amman, Jordan: "Integrating Arab e-Infrastructures in a global environment"[3]
  • 2012 - December 12-13 in Dubai, UAE: "Collaborate towards developing the regional e-Infrastructures"[4]
  • 2013 - December 12-13 in Tunis, Tunisia: Connect --> Access --> Innovate[5]
  • 2014 - December 10-11 in Muscat, Oman: "Intercontinental Connectivity of the Pan Arab Network"[6]
  • 2015 - December 7-8 in Casablanca, Morocco: "Revealing and Harvesting Knowledge"[7]

Case Studies

London PoP (England)

ASREN established its Point of Presence (POP) in London in cooperation with ISOC, Cisco, and DANTE, to help support the development of advanced networks and services across the Arab region as well as enable interconnection with networks in Europe, the U.S., and around the world.[8]

Open Light Exchange (Egypt)

ASREN worked with the Ministry of ICT, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Research (represented by Egypt National Science and Technology Information Network (ENSTINET), and the Ministry of Higher Education (represented by Egypt Universities Network) to establish OLE in Egypt. Egypt OLE is a connectivity hub between world research and network education networks that pass through the Mediterranean Sea.[9]

It is expected to help strengthen connectivity in the region as well as create job opportunities and attract more traffic to Egypt. As such, its objectives are threefold:[9]

  • Technological - To satisfy a growing demand for regional eScience activities, which help support large data traffic, seamless links between education LANs, and more;
  • Social - To meet societal needs towards creating a common culture in the research and education communities, facilitating virtual research and distance education, and smoothing digital divides;
  • Economic - To help develop capacity for economic prosperity, by stimulating technological developments and telecommunication markets


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