Aris Ignacio

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Affiliation: ALAC
Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Academia
Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Region: Asia
Country: Philippines
Email: arisignacio[at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Aris Ignacio
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @aris_ignacio

Aris Ignacio is the Dean of the College of Information Technology at Southville International School and Colleges in the Philippines. He is an advocate for the youth being a major stakeholder group in Internet Governance discussions, and has facilitated the participation of university/college students in local, regional and global Internet governance events, particularly in Asia-Pacific.

Aris is currently a Board Member and Vice President of Development at the ISOC Philippines Chapter, which is a member of the At-Large structure and Outreach working group in ICANN. He was a past ICANN fellow in several meetings and represented ISOC-PH in the meetings. He was a participant the 1st Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG) and was selected as one of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Ambassadors[1] for 2017 which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is also a member of the Multi-stakeholder Steering Group[2] (MSG) for the Asia Pacific Regional IGF. Aris has been a co-chair and currently a member of the APrIGF Fellowship team for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

He was the main proponent for IN2ITION (Into IT Convention), a national student-led convention that features various topics and issues in the field of Information Technology and Internet Governance.

He is also one of the pioneers in the Learn IG[3] initiative.


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