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Country: Russia
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Artyom Gavrichenkov is an ICANN 61 and ICANN 67 Fellow[1][2] and an ICANN 64 Fellowship Coach[3].

The name Artyom ([ɐrˈtʲɵm]) is of Greek origins and might be spelled in numerous ways, including Artem, Artöm, or simply Töma.

Career History

Holds a Master's degree in mathematics and system software engineering (Moscow State University, 2010) and an MBA (Skolkovo MSM, 2020). Has been working in the area of IT networking and monitoring for a decade, starting as a contractor for Microsoft and HP and then moving on to a permanent position in HP Russia telecom solutions team. Since 2009, works for Qrator Labs, currently as chief technology officer.

Has been presenting at numerous conferences, including BlackHat USA, RIPE meetings, NANOG, APNIC/APRICOT, ICANN EE DNS Forum, and ENOG/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting.

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