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Country: Brazil
Email: gadelha [at]

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Augusto Gadelha is currently the National Secretary for Information Technology Policy at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil. He has been in this position since December, 2005.[1]


  • He is the Coordinator of the Steering Committee for Internet in Brazil, also known as He gave a presentation in this role at the 2010 ICANN meeting in Nairobi.[2]
  • Augusto Gadelha is the president of CEITEC which is the National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology;
  • He is a member within the board of curators of CPqD.[3]

Professional Experience

  • 1985-1997: For 12 years he was the Head of the Research Department, Deputy Director and Full Researcher at the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing located in Brazil.[4]
  • July 2004-August 2005: During this period Augusto was the Director of Industry, Science and Technology in Telecommunications at the Ministry of Telecommunications. One of his biggest projects involved the implemmentation of digital television in Brazil.[5]
  • August 2005 - December 2005: He occupied the position of National Secretary for Technology Development and Innovations at MCT.
  • December 2005 - Present: He is the National Secretary for Informatin Technology Policy at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil.


Augusto Gadelha graduated in 1971 within the field of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. Later, in 1977 he received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Enginerring. Both of these diplomas were received from Standford University, California, USA.[6]