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Country: Morocco
Email: hilali[at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Aziz Hilali
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Prof. Aziz Hilali is the chair of AFRALO, and the vice-president of ISOC Morocco;[1] which he founded in 1994. [2] Prof. Hilali is teaches applied mathematics and computer science at the National Institute of Telecommunications of Morocco.[3] Aziz was the secretary of AFRALO from 2011 to 2013.[3]

He is actively involved in various government and international internet and IT organizations. He attended the Institut National des Postes et télécommunications and has a distinguished career as an academic, researcher, and government advisor, with a history of publications on many aspects of the internet and telecommunications sciences.

Aziz Hilali participated in the World Summit on the Information Society and the first IGF meeting in Athens. He has served on the ICANN's ALAC, and participated in other ICANN meeting and events.


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