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Headquarters: 1550 Larimer Street, Suite 168, Denver, CO 80202
Country: USA
Email: info[at]

The Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group or BITAG is an advisory group. It aims to to "bring together engineers and other similar technical experts to develop consensus on broadband network management practices or other related technical issues that can affect users' technical experience".[1]


BITAG's website states that "BITAG was born out of a series of roundtable discussions hosted by the Silicon Flatirons Center at the University of Colorado School of Law. In those sessions, it became clear that a broad cross-section of the Internet community saw the need for, and value of, a technical advisory group to discuss and opine on technical issues pertaining to the operation of the Internet, as a means of bringing transparency and clarity to network management processes as well as the interaction among networks, applications, devices and content." [2]

Mission and Functions

BITAG's mission includes:

(a) educating policymakers on such technical issues;
(b) addressing specific technical matters in an effort to minimize related policy disputes; and
(c) serving as a sounding board for new ideas and network management practices. Specific TWG functions also may include:

  (i)  identifying  “best  practices” by broadband  providers  and  other  entities;  
(ii) interpreting and applying “safe harbor” practices;
(iii) otherwise providing technical guidance to industry and to the public; and/or (iv) issuing advisory opinions on the technical issues germane to the TWG’s mission
that may underlie disputes concerning broadband network management practices."[3]


In November 2014, BITAG published a 49 page report titled Interconnection and Traffic Exchange on the Internet.


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