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Country: Japan
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Benjamin Ward is the CEO and founder of Maui Labs, and the lead programmer at the Pacific Whale Foundation. He is also the founder and former CTO of Japan's first social lending company, Maneo KK which was later sold to M’Grant Food Service, and a software & IT firm Solis K.K., later sold to Global Media Online KK. [1]

Ben Ward was the Engineering Division Manager and a voting member of GMO, Global Media Online, an ICANN and JPRS accredited registrar from Tokyo. He worked in Atlanta and New York before going to Tokyo in 2000. [2]

Benjamin Ward graduated Brandeis University (1995 — 1997), with a background in Computer Science and East Asian Studies.

Career History

Engineer, iXL, 1997-1999.

Senior Architect, Sapient Corporation, 1999-2001.

Co-Founder & CTO, Solis KK, 2001-2002.

Engineering Div. Manager, Global Media Online, 2002-2009.

Co-Founder & CTO, Maneo KK, 2006-2010.

Lead Programmer, Pacific Whale Foundation, 2009-Present.

CEO and Founder, Maui Labs, 2010-Present.