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Affiliation: [[|.club]][[]]
Country: USA
Email: bridgette [at]
LinkedIn: link=Bridgette King,   [Bridgette King, Bridgette King]

Bridgette King works in Public Relations for the .club domains.[1] Since 2002, she has been the Principal at Get The Scoop, a full-service PR and marketing consulting firm.[2]

Amongsts her proudest life achievements, she lists "actively volunteering and serving as a court-appointed advocate for abused and neglected children, and making a difference in their lives." In the future, she hopes to continue successfully launching and growing emerging companies via marketing and public relations. She loves adventure travel and is in the process of developing a travel club website with a .club website address.[1]

ICANN 51 in Los Angeles was King's first ICANN Meeting.[1]


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