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Country: Portugal
Email: cfriacas [at]
LinkedIn: link=cfriacas   [cfriacas Carlos Friacas]

Carlos Friaças is the Head of RCTS CERT at FCCN.

During 15 years Carlos was involved in several European Projects, namely GÉANT, 6NET, 6DISS, 6DEPLOY and IPv6-TF-SC.

Carlos has graduated in Computer Science at the University of Lisbon in 1999.

Carlos was involved in the Team that provided network connectivity for the 2007 ICANN Spring Meeting, held in Lisbon.

Career History

He was a Systems Engineer at University of Lisbon from 1996 to 2000 (with a short spell at FCCN, working for the Portuguese Schools' Network Team and the ccTLD .PT).

He managed the Portuguese Internet Exchange (Gigapix) from 2001 to mid-2016, while contributing to the Networking Team, responsible for AS1930.

Since 2001 he manages the Local Internet Registry for FCCN.

Since late 2015 he moved into CyberSecurity, taking a leadership role at RCTS CERT, the Portuguese R&E Network's Computer Emergency Response Team.

Since late 2016, he took a 2-year role as Chairman of the Portuguese CSIRT Network's General Assembly.

Over the years Carlos has delivered IPv6 courses (around Europe and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa) and also some talks at TERENA Networking Conferences and RIPE meetings.

He was the manager of LinhaAlerta between 2016 and 2018, and represented FCCN at the INHOPE Association.

He now usually attends TF-CSIRT and RIPE meetings, mostly focusing on anti-abuse issues.