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Country: USA
Email: caterina [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Caterina Purves

Caterina Purves was a Community Manager and the tongue-in-cheek "CTO" at ICANNWiki from February 2011 until October 2012.

Work with ICANNWiki

Caterina's work with ICANNWiki involved a great deal of content creation and editing. She managed the site's writers and supported its users, as well as doing her own writing of articles. She also spent her time working on ICANNWiki's marketing strategies, such as designing the site's giveaways and business cards, and managed the technical coordination of the site. Caterina attended ICANN Meetings to promote the site, meet the community she researched, encourage community involvement with the site, and deepen her knowledge ICANN and the industry surrounding it.[1]

Past Experience

  • Community Manager, ICANNWiki, February 2011-October 2012.
  • Web Temp, SagaCity Media, November 2010.
  • Web Intern, Portland Monthly Magazine, May-September 2010.
  • Website Administrator, University of Portland, Information Services Department, August 2008-May 2010.
  • Contract Artist, Island Planet One Productions, 2003-2004.[2]


University of Portland, B.A. in English with emphasis in Philosophy, Psychology, and German, 2010.[3]

Fun Fact

In her free time, Caterina takes aerial dance lessons.[4]


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