Chaitanya Ramachandran

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Affiliation: ALAC
Country: India
Email: ramachandran.chaitanya [at]
LinkedIn: link=Chaitanya Ramachandran,   [Chaitanya Ramachandran, Chaitanya Ramachandran]

Chaitanya Ramachandran is Twitter's in-house attorney for India.[1][2] He previously worked with the Indian law firm Amarchand Mangaldas, advising Internet-oriented businesses from India and abroad on legal issues issues including intermediary liability, data protection, privacy, intellectual property, and cybercrime.[1]

He is also a member of the New Delhi Chapter of ISOC,[2] and has participated in various IT and internet-focused committees of Indian industry associations.[1]

As of ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires, where he was a second-time ICANN Fellow,[3] Chaitanya had been to three ICANN Meetings and had also attended IGF.[2]


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