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Country: USA
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ICANNLogo.png Currently ICANN Staff

Cheryl Smith is the Manager of Contracts and Records at ICANN. She is also the owner of Catch Social.[1]

Cheryl first joined ICANN in August 2006 as Accounting Manager in the Finance Department. She has over 15 years of accounting and management experience and has worked for several notable financial institutions including Northern Trust Bank. More recently she served as the Controller for SkillJam Technologies and Denim Revolution.

She joined ICANN’s Legal Department as the Manager Contracts and Records in February 2009. Cheryl has assumed responsibilities to establish and administer ICANN’s central records and contract tracking databases.[2]

Cheryl holds a BS in Management from Pepperdine University. In the evenings and weekends, Cheryl is pursuing her JD at Southwestern University School of Law, candidate 2011.

Cheryl is also a published author of a book of poetry, In The Note of C and counterbalances her analytical thinking with her passion for artistic writing.[3]