Chokri Ben Romdhane

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Organization: CNUDST
Affiliation: ALAC, Fellowship Program
Region: Africa
Country: Tunisia
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Chokri Ben Romdhane is an IT Senior Business Analyst and Head of Tunisian Database department at CNUDST-Ministry of High Education Tunisia. Chokri implemented, with the CNUDST team PIST, the first Tunisian open repository in collaboration with CERN, ULB, Tunisians Universities, and others Maghreb Universities. In 2011, Chokri initiated with a team of researchers the Tunisian Open Access group which advocates Open access concepts and promotes the adoption of these concepts by the community of Tunisian researchers. The group has organized several events: Open Access Study days, Open Access Week, and ICOA. During these events, [1] he made several important contributions.

Career History

EPN Leader at Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (2019-2020)

IT Senior Business Analyst at CNUDST (2002-present)

IT Teacher Ecole National des Ingénieurs Gabes (2002)

Oracle Developer (2000-2002) Oracle developer and dba

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

2002 Chokri became an ISOC global member

2006 became a member of the Tunisian ISOC chapter

2016-Present a board member of the Tunisian ISOC Chapter

2015-Present a member of the Middle East Strategy Working Group,

2019-Present ALAC Ambassador

2020-Present ARAB Open Acess Group Board member


Master's degree in IT Analysis from the Faculté des Sciences Économiques et de Gestion de Sfax Tunisia