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Country: USA
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Chris (Christopher) Ambler is the founder of Image Online Design, IOD, Inc.;[1] and, arguably, the first person to obtain a new gTLD through IANA for his .web registry.[2] He previously worked at Demand Media and with Microsoft.[3] Chris currently works at GoDaddy and is advising a stealth-mode startup.

Chris Ambler grew up in Los Angeles and attended the University of California, Riverside for one year. In the early 80s he moved to San Luis Obispo, California and enrolled in Cal Poly. Chris began to spend time developing computer applications, and then started his own company, Image Online Design Inc. in 1995. [4]

Chris currently lives in Palo Alto, California, having relocated there in 2014 after spending 17 years in Seattle. He has two children, Caitlin and Jason. [5]. He is an accomplished photographer and musician.

.web Generic Top-Level Domain Issues

In 1995, Christopher Ambler's company IOD, submitted the first request to own and obtain the TLD, .web.[6] According to Ambler, "I was writing a check for $3,000 to Network Solutions for 30 domain names (in those days, it was $100 each for 2 years) and I thought, Wait a minute, this is silly – I can run a zone server just as easy as NSI can!"[7] So, he applied for a delegation for .Web through IOD; and launched .web, a new unrestricted TLD after receiving permission from IANA.

IOD has been trying to get their domain into the official root through several plans to admit new TLDs. When ICANN accepted applications for new TLDs in 2000 , IOD's application was not approved, nor was it officially rejected.[8]

Career History

  • Chris Ambler worked as Software Developer at Microsoft Corporation from July 1997 to July 2000.[9]
  • He was the founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Image Online Design, Inc.
  • He also worked as Chief Software Strategist at eNom and transitioned to Demand Media. He was at eNom/DM from 2003 to 2012.
  • He was the developer of the domain market management tool, DropShark.[10]


Chris blogs at BitParts and writes for the GoDaddy Garage