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Affiliation: Nominet
Country: USA
LinkedIn: link=Cable Griffiths   [Cable Griffiths Chris Griffiths]

Cable Griffiths has been the Director and General Manager of New Products and Business Development at Nominet since August 2015. He was responsible for helping to launch the business, and leads a unit focused on business development, product management, and engineering functions.[1][2]

He has been involved with ICANN since July 2010 as a Trusted Community Representative, where he helps participate in Key Signing Ceremonies where the Root DNSKEY is signed. He is also a Contributor and Document Author to IETF, where he helps develop Internet protocol standards with engineers from around the world.[2]

As of ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco, Griffiths had attended over six ICANN Meetings, as well as IETF, NANOG, OARC, and RIPE.[1]


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