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The following are great examples of ICANNWiki's Business articles, and why:

Minds + Machines - This one is a medium-sized article. It's main body is a history section that is substantial but not too lengthy that it should be broken up. What stands out is the two smaller into sections which give a quick synopsis of the company should the reader not need the whole history section. Also, the history section runs from the beginning of the company, to recent activities. Furthermore, the template box is filled-out well, with a particularly impressive "key people" section- which will help us in our quest to constantly build content. AND look at all the references, all different kinds!

Tucows - The history section on this article is very successful. It is not too much to quickly engage, but it is able to give you a great sense of the company. It's also good to show off how it is always important to look for other possible sections, that is something beyond "history" and "products and services"; this article has a section dedicated, with links, to the other businesses the site runs.

Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd - This is a very short article, but despite that it is able to convey what the company does, its basic makeup, and a few references towards its relationship with ICANN. When there is little info to be found on a company, strive for this.