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Founder(s): Richard Wixom
Website: dnsaleprice.com
Key People
Richard Wixom, Chief Architect

DN Sale Price is an online source for the sales history of domain name and related sales. The company claims to have the largest database of domain name sales with the most updated and accurate information regarding domain history.[1] The database of DN Sale Price has more than $500M (USD) in domain sales recorded, which comprises all domain sales that have been published since 2003.[2][3] The database is updated daily.[4]

How it Works

The facility of comparable sales at DN Sale Price allows the users to appraise the value of the domain name. This technique enables the user to determine the relative value depending on the recent sale of comparable domains.[5] For accuracy in assessment, people at this site are generally advised to search for 10 to 12 comparable domain names (4 to 5 minimum) which bracket the relative value of the domain. The sale price of the bracketed domains indicates the value of the domain.[6]